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pastor portraitDr. Ricky R. Hurst is a native of Carroll County, Georgia, and has been an ordained Baptist Minister for over 30 years.  He has served as pastor in Georgia, Kentucky, and Virginia, as well as the Director of Donor Relation for the Virginia Baptist Foundation.  

Ricky is a graduate of Shorter College in Rome, Georgia, the SouthernBaptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Union Theological Seminary & Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond.

He is dedicated to the Gospel Ministry, and to sharing the Presence of Christ through preaching, teaching, and pastoral care. He and his wife, Joy, have three sons: Nathan (wife, Vanessa), Samuel, and Jeremiah (wife, Allison). Ricky’s hobbies include creative writing, antique book and bottle collecting, nature, and gardening.




Upcoming Sermon Titles and Texts:  

January 5, Communion

“In the Flesh”

(Psalm 147:12-20 & John 1:1-18)


January 12, Epiphany 

“My Beloved Son”

(Isaiah 42:1-9 & Matthew 3:13-17)    


January 19, Epiphany

“Come and See”

(Isaiah 49:1-7 & John 1:29-42)


January 26, Epiphany

“Light has Dawned”

(Isaiah 9:1-4 & Matthew 4:12-23)




 Note from Pastor Ricky:


In childhood, did you ever imagine what it would be like to be blind? Perhaps someone put a blindfold on you or you simply closed your eyes. How good it was when you were able to take the blindfold off or to open your eyes. Blindness is a terrible thing. In blindness we are lost and lack a sense of confidence and direction.

John Chapter 9 tells us about a man born blind. Many asked Jesus, “Why? Was it because of a sin? Was it because of his sin or his parent’s sin?” Jesus replied, “Neither. He was born blind so that God’s works might be revealed in him.” Then Jesus healed him of his blindness, which caused such an uproar in the community that the religious leaders excommunicated the man who was healed. Jesus found the one healed and claimed him as a disciple. And, Jesus accused the religious leaders of spiritual blindness.

It's a strange thing that many of us are blind and do not realize it. Paul reminded the Corinthian Church that they needed to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). When Jesus called his first disciples into a life of committed discipleship, he said to them, “Come and see.” (John 1:39). I’m sure that they were not physically blind. Jesus was encouraging them to a life of faithfulness, following him. Walking by faith is necessary to follow Jesus.

Congregations must also walk by faith, trusting Jesus to lead them. The church is on a journey, and unless the church keeps her eyes on Jesus she will wander into the path of darkness. I want to invite everyone to focus on Jesus during the Season of Epiphany (January 5 – February 25). I want us to have a Season of Prayer in which we look to Jesus for direction. 


During this time of prayer and reflection we need to ask ourselves a few very important questions: Who are we (especially at a faith level)? What are we here for? Who are our neighbors? I hope that the Lord will lead us to have a clear and positive identity, a consistent focus on people who are not members, congregational harmony, a positive dynamic between pastor and congregation, and the development of small-group programming for all ages.


Join me in this focus on Jesus. Gather with your family and other families to pray on a weekly basis. Pray for Jesus our Shepherd to lead us, and pray that we will walk by faith to follow him. Come and see where the Lord Jesus will lead us.


Grace, Peace, & Love,

 Pastor Ricky