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pastor portraitDr. Ricky R. Hurst is a native of Carroll County, Georgia, and has been an ordained Baptist Minister for over 30 years.  He has served as pastor in Georgia, Kentucky, and Virginia, as well as the Director of Donor Relation for the Virginia Baptist Foundation.  

Ricky is a graduate of Shorter College in Rome, Georgia, the SouthernBaptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Union Theological Seminary & Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond.

He is dedicated to the Gospel Ministry, and to sharing the Presence of Christ through preaching, teaching, and pastoral care. He and his wife, Joy, have three sons: Nathan (wife, Vanessa), Samuel, and Jeremiah (wife, Allison). Ricky’s hobbies include creative writing, antique book and bottle collecting, nature, and gardening.




Upcoming Sermon Titles and Texts:  


August 4, Season of the Spirit




(1 Samuel 17:32-37, 46-51 & Mark 4:35-41)




August 11, Season of the Spirit (Baby Dedication)




(Isaiah 9:6-7 & Luke 10:21-22)




August18, Season of the Spirit


Guest Preacher: Rev. Mark Snipes




August 25, Season of the Spirit




(Psalm 23:6 & John 4:21-26)





 Note from Pastor Rick:






In my July article I wrote to you about “The Cruise of a Lifetime,” launching the ships of the church. If you missed that edition of the newsletter, don’t worry because the article also appears in this month’s edition. The reason for this emphasis is that we are in desperate need of focusing on the five ships of the church: Worship, Discipleship, Companionship, Stewardship, and Kingdomship. Without our attention to these essential parts of the church, our congregation is in danger of sinking. 




Yes, ships can sink. Just ask the disciples in the boat with Jesus (Mark 4:35-41). Remarkably, ships may avoid sinking by following the One who commands the wind and the waves. That is what I am asking from all of us at Main Street Baptist Church. We need everyone aboard this ship to listen, pray, worship, study, obey, care, provide, give, and serve as never before. I am sounding the alarm! We need everyone to step forward and show their devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.




Please help me sound this alarm in the coming weeks and months. During the months of August and September, I will be preaching on each of the five ships of the church (Please refer to the July article). Each Sunday I will be praying that we will hear and respond to God’s call to commit ourselves anew and afresh to the Captain of our ship, Jesus. Of course, ships do not turn on a dime. It takes careful planning, well-executed maneuvering, and steady hands and hearts to turn a ship. That is why we must focus on Jesus.   




When Jesus is in control of the ship (the church), the storms will have no control over us. When our focus is on Jesus, the miraculous will occur. Then the Lord will be pleased with our faith, devotion, and obedience. And, God’s blessing of peace will keep us steady on the sea. No doubt, we may be like those disciples of Jesus, who after the calming of the storm, said, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” Will we obey him too?





Throughout history the Church has been likened unto a ship. There is a most wonderful allegory of the Church as a ship in the Gospel of Mark 4:35-41. Please take time to read this passage. I believe that there are five ships of the Church: The Worship, The Discipleship, The Companionship, The Stewardship, and The Kingdomship. All five ships must be launched for the Church to function properly.


The Worship is the gathering vessel of the Church. We are at home within this ship, and our duties are to gather in the name of the Lord, praise the Lord, pray to the Lord, bring an offering to the Lord, proclaim the word of the Lord, and respond to the call of the Lord. Please read the following passages: Psalm 23:6; John 4:21-24; Hebrews 10:25. 


The Discipleship is the education vessel of the Church. We come together in this ship to fully dedicate ourselves to the word of the Lord, and our duties are to meditate on the word of the Lord, to study the word of the Lord, to grow in the word of the Lord, to teach the word of the Lord, and to learn how to share the word of the Lord. Please read the following passages: Psalm 119:11, 105; John 6:67-68; 2 Timothy 2:15.


The Companionship is the relationship vessel of the Church. In the life of this ship we enjoy and practice a special relationship with the Lord and each other. Our duties are to be true and faithful to the Lord by forgiving each other, encouraging each other, loving each other, caring for each other, and providing for each other. Please read the following passages: Psalm 133:1; Matthew 18:1-35; Acts 2:44-47.


The Stewardship is the resource vessel of the Church. On this ship we partner together to seek God’s will and to live out our calling in the world. We bring our offerings to God, carry out caring ministries to the community, provide for the needs of the poor, and live sacrificially in the work of God’s kingdom. Please read the following passages: Psalm 8:4-9; Acts 4:32-35. Romans 12:1-2.


The Kingdomship is the mission vessel of the Church. We are engaged in the great mission of God’s kingdom on this ship, and this ship is commissioned to the ends of the earth. Aboard this vessel we collaborate with the Holy Spirit, cooperate with each other, serve one another as well as all humanity, reach out to everyone with the saving power of the Gospel, and go with this message to deliver it to all peoples and nations. Please read the following passages: Psalm 67:1-2; Matthew 28:17-20; Acts 1:8.      

Attention, all hands-on deck! Captain Jesus is here to give us our assignments. The fleet of Church ships are ready to embark. See you Sunday morning and Wednesday evening for the cruise of a lifetime. 


Grace, Peace, & Love,

 Pastor Ricky